Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine


Five Reasons to Attend the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine

  1. Clinical Training : SIOM students begin clinic within the first few weeks of starting school. In their first year they assist experienced practitioners each week in the care of patients, therefore learning about various healing methods directly. This clinical training is the hallmark of SIOM's educational method and unique in acupuncture education in this country. In the second and third year students provide direct care to patients utilizing a variety of approaches. Their supervisors provide both clinical and academic instruction in order to integrate these aspects of the training.

  2. Small Size: SIOM accepts an average of 14 students a year into the program. The decision to maintain this small class size is to enable the kind of one-on-one instruction that the teachers at SIOM believe is critical to preparing graduates that will be gifted practitioners. Since SIOM is both a very challenging academic training and a very hands-on education, it requires a group of students and teachers who are dedicated to getting the most out of their time together. This interactive atmosphere is one of the core principles of SIOM's approach to learning this ancient medicine.

  3. Diverse Faculty : The SIOM faculty are consciously chosen to provide a group of experienced and successful practitioners that represent diverse styles of acupuncture. In clinic and classroom they transmit to students their particular experiences and insight. The goal is that students will learn of the pluralistic nature of Chinese medicine and gain competence in a variety modalities so that they can more effectively treat a wide variety of patient concerns. SIOM faculty include instructors trained in approaches from Japan, mainland China, Taiwan, and Europe; as well as modern and ancient acupuncture and herbal strategies.

  4. Chinese Medical Language : In its M.Ac.O.M. program, SIOM provides the only training in the west in Chinese medical language that leads to the ability of all graduates to gain clinical information from native Chinese sources. This three year training provides clinical information unavailable in English-only sources and gives graduates the capacity to access useful information for patient care and deepen their understanding of the medicine.

  5. Outcomes : Licensure in almost every state requires successful passing of the NCCAOM written acupuncture exam. SIOM graduates have had over a 90% passing rate on this exam since the inception of the school. This is unique in the profession. In addition, in a profession where there is a high attrition rate after five years of practice, over 90% of SIOM graduates continue to practice and be successful. The intensity and challenge of the SIOM program is ultimately directed towards the goal of having graduates that have the dedication and experience to succeed in their chosen field. This commitment is the driving force behind the faculty and staff of the school.