Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine

Message from the President: Why SIOM is Unique

The Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine was founded in 1994 with the idea that small class sizes with hands-on supervision, clinical experience with seasoned practitioners in a diverse range of styles, and exposure to medical Chinese language would form the basis of an exceptional education in East-Asian medicine. Over the last 22 years and more than 200 graduates, I would say that the ideas of the founders have proven to be extremely valuable.

With only 200+ graduates in 22 years it means we have had some years in which we ran a program with a small number of student (one year only 3 students!) However, we have also had years like our current third year class in which there are 18 students. But over the years, finding a great group of students, who want to become excellent practitioners, has always been more important to us than finding a large group of students. We look for students who are motivated to join the specific kind of community that we have created: a small, tightly knit group of students who are serious about learning diverse styles of East-Asian medicine and who are motivated by a sincere desire to help patients.

The net result has been over 200 wonderful graduates who practice all over the world helping large numbers of patients. And, we are proud that we have one of the highest percentages of graduates still practicing medicine of any EAM school in the country, which we view as a concrete measure of the success of our program.

When I look around SIOM today, I do not see a fancy office building with great views of the Olympics, nor do I see glossy marketing materials advertising our program. What I do see is a school that invests in our excellent and loyal faculty who create a learning environment in which motivated students can become the best practitioners they can be. I see SIOM investing in the idea that East-Asian medicine has a key role to play in the medical care of the 21st century. I welcome you to join us in the realization of this vision.


Craig E. Mitchell, EAMP, PhD
Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine

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