Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine

Anatomy and Physiology Requirement Changes

Anatomy & Physiology Update

The SIOM Board of Directors recently approved a change in SIOM’s entrance requirements regarding prerequisites. Effective for this upcoming Fall 2016, entering students are no longer required to have taken an Anatomy & Physiology course prior to entry. The school is shifting to having this training be part of the initial instruction at SIOM. Applicants who have already taken approved A&P courses will as usual receive credit for the coursework, and will not have to attend this aspect of the instruction at SIOM.


From its inception SIOM believed it was important to have A&P as a prerequisite for the SIOM training because of the well-equipped labs normally present in community colleges and universities. It also allowed students to focus on more advanced material when they entered SIOM. But over the years several things have occurred. One, the available interactive and online resources for instruction have increased exponentially, thus providing many useful and effective 3D resources for students. Two, applicants have experienced difficulty getting into A&P courses because of their high demand, cost, or geographic scarcity. This has created difficulties for completing these courses in a timely manner for entering SIOM. And three, the content of the courses can be both erratic and not necessarily relevant to studies in acupuncture and herbal medicine. This leads to an uneven background in students as they embark on learning the biomedical aspects of SIOM’s graduate programs.

For these reasons, SIOM leadership has decided to provide training at SIOM utilizing current interactive resources and instruction in the field so that students can learn this material within the SIOM program. This change is effective immediately and will affect anyone considering applying for Fall 2016 entry into SIOM. There is no additional tuition charge for the A&P coursework as it is now included within the full SIOM program.

Paul Karsten SIOM Dean